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Archive Contents

Lets now take a look inside the ImpressCMS file you just downloaded. There are 4 different directories/folders:


Contains some documentation: the GNU license.txt, changelog.txt and language_changelog.txt

  • GNU license.txt : the GPL v2 license text that governs ImpressCMS licensing
  • changelog.txt : a summary overview of the changes between the different versions.
  • language_changelog.txt : added, removed or changed language constants, very interesting for translators

All the files inside the docs folder can be very useful to members that wish to contribute to the project.


Contains a login.php file that may be used to run ImpressCMS in ssl (Secure Sockets Layer).

  • This feature is mostly used in ecommerce for accepting credit cards on your website.
  • You would need to purchase an SSL Certificate from a company like Verisign or Thawte for this feature to work.
  • Please take a look at the readme.txt in "extras" folder.


Contains all the fundamental files and folders of the ImpressCMS package.

  • For a fresh install of ImpressCMS you must upload all files and folders "inside" of this "htdocs folder" onto your web host.
  • They must be installed/uploaded into a working directory in your servers path. Example:


Contains all the files needed to upgrade your current install of XOOPS to the newer features of ImpressCMS.

  • Upload this folder "only" if you intend to upgrade from an older version of "XOOPS or ImpressCMS".


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