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ImpressCMS Persistable Framework

2 basic classes of IPF, IcmsPersistableObject and IcmsPersistableHandler: clear understanding of the differences between an object and its handler


  • quickInitVar()
  • intitCommonVar()
  • id()
  • title()
  • getItemLink()
  • getAdminViewItemLink()
  • getEditItemLink()
  • getDeleteItemLink()
  • delete()
  • store()
  • setErrors()
  • hasError()
  • getHtmlErrors()
  • setControl()

Creating a form for an object using IcmsPersistableObject::getForm()

  • hide fields from form using $this->hideFieldFromForm()
  • display fields on form using $this->showFieldOnForm()
  • make field read only using $this->makeFieldReadOnly()
  • Storing an object in the database using IcmsPersistableController


  • create()
  • get() and getD
  • getCount()
  • getObjects() and getObjectsD()
  • getList() and getListD()
  • getObjectsAsArray()
  • query()
  • addPermission()

Events triggering

  • beforeDelete
  • afterDelete
  • beforeSave
  • beforeInsert
  • beforeUpdate
  • afterSave
  • afterInsert
  • afterUpdate

Listing objects using IcmsPersistableTable

  • Displaying single object using IcmsPersistableSingleView
  • Using the IcmsPersistableRegsitry

Using IcmsPersistableExport

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