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Welcome to the ImpressCMS Wiki

Our work is never-ending - ImpressCMS is constantly evolving and introducing new modules, themes, methods and practices to the user community every week. Newcomers and even veteran users are ediscovering the depth of the product and share in a need for a reference library for all things related to ImpressCMS. This wiki evolves as ImpressCMS evolves and as the community learns and shares their experiences.

What you can find here

Documentation comes in many forms and from many places - user guides, tips, code documentation, best practices guides, case studies, FAQs, forum posts and comments. Every user, admin and developer experiences different parts of ImpressCMS and will have different needs for documentation.

Join the documentation team

If you don't find what you are looking for here, you may want to join us in expanding our knowledge base. Or, you may find the documentation is not available in your favorite language - translators are also in high demand for this project.

The documentation is based on English and if the English version doesn't exist, placeholders are created so we can be consistent within the documentation project.


All content in this wiki is © copyright by the individual contributors and can be used in accordance with the Creative Commons License, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. All content is supplied by volunteers and the only compensation they receive is the satisfaction of contributing to the success of ImpressCMS and its users and our undying gratitude.


Attention : read Wiki Rules for guidelines on tags and pages


  Activate Debug Mode
  Activate Debug Mode
  Activate iFrame support
  Active Directory Integration
  Adding Modules
  Adding RSS to your module
  Adding Themes/nl
  Addons Development Rules
  Addons Usage Guidelines
  Admin Footer
  Admin Header
  Admin Header/pt-br
  Administrate Groups Privileges
  Administration and Maintenance
  AJAX Module
  Archive Contents
  Auditing Code

  Being Part Of The Quality Control Team

  Can i install the same module twice?
  Change History for ImpressCMS
  Change module folder name
  Class DocBlock
  Class DocBlock/fa
  Class DocBlock/pt-br
  Class Method DocBlock
  Class Method DocBlock/fa
  Class Method DocBlock/pt-br
  Class Variable DocBlock
  Class Variable DocBlock/pt-br
  Code Documentation Block - DocBlock
  Code of Conduct
  Code of Conduct/pt-br
  Coding Standards
  Coding Standards/pt-br
  Comparing Branches
  Comparing Branches/pt-br
  Configuration (farsi)
  Configuring PHP
  Configuring PHP/pt-br
  Content Manager
  Content Manager/pt-br
  Contributing Documentation
  Contributing Documentation/es
  Contributing Documentation/pt-br
  Contributing Documentation/zh
  Contributing to ImpressCMS
  Control Panel Home
  Cookbook Module Development
  Core API
  Core API/pt-br
  Core Development Rules
  Core Events
  Core File Organisation
  Core File Organisation/pt-br
  cPanel settings
  Create a Module Repository in Subversion
  Custom Tags
  Custom Tags/es
  Custom Tags/pt-br
  Custom Tags/sl

  Databases and Classes
  Databases and Classes/pt-br
  Date and Time Formats
  Debug Permission
  Debug Permission/es
  Developing Modules
  Developing Modules/es
  Developing Modules/pt-br
  Development Philosophy
  Development Philosophy/es
  Development Philosophy/pt-br
  Docblock Elements
  Docblock Elements/pt-br
  Documenting Code
  Documenting Code Elements
  Documenting Code Elements/fa
  Documenting Code Elements/pt-br
  Dreamhost settings

  Editor Permission
  Editor Permission/pt-br
  Email Protection
  Error Handling
  Error Handling/es
  Error Handling/nl
  Error Handling/pt-br
  Extended date function
  Extended date function/pt-br

  File Header
  File Header/es
  File Header/fa
  File Header/pt-br
  Final release
  Final release/pt-br
  Find Users
  Function DocBlock
  Function DocBlock/pt-br

  General Settings
  General Settings/pt-br
  Getting Started
  Getting Started with Git
  Getting Started/de
  Getting Started/es
  Getting Started/fa
  Getting Started/nl
  Getting Started/pt-br
  Git Workflow
  Google Analytics
  Google Analytics/pt-br
  Google Meta Tag
  Group Settings
  Guia teste

  Hashtag Plugin
  How to make a multi-language theme
  How to make a multi-language theme/es
  How to make a multi-language theme/fa
  How to make a multi-language theme/pt-br
  How to make a RTL theme in ImpressCMS
  How to make translations in ImpressCMS
  How to make translations in ImpressCMS/es
  How to make translations in ImpressCMS/pt-br
  How to write a news article?

  IcmsPersistableObject Framework
  IcmsPersistableObject Framework/pt-br
  Image Manager
  Image:Logo Modules
  ImpressCMS Commit Policy
  ImpressCMS Commit Review Policy
  ImpressCMS Features
  ImpressCMS History
  ImpressCMS History/fa
  ImpressCMS History/nl
  ImpressCMS History/pt-br
  ImpressCMS language pages
  ImpressCMS OpenID/fa
  ImpressCMS OpenID/pt-br
  ImpressCMS Persistable Framework
  ImpressCMS Release Procedure
  ImpressCMS Team Meetings
  Include DocBlock
  Include DocBlock/pt-br
  Install and update using Git
  Install and update using SVN
  Install and update using SVN/es
  Install and update using SVN/pt-br
  Installation Guide
  Installation Guide/nl
  Installation Guide/pt-br
  installation on Microsoft Web Platform


  Lack Translation
  Language Idenfitication Codes
  Logging Hook
  Logging Hook/pt-br

  Mail Setup
  Mail Setup/pt-br
  Mail Users
  Mentions Plugin
  Merge Request
  merge request - Subversion
  Merging branch back in the trunk
  Meta + Footer
  Meta Tags and Footer
  Meta Tags and Footer/pt-br
  Module Blocks
  Module Blocks/es
  Module Blocks/pt-br
  Module Building
  Module Compatibility/pt-br
  Module Control Panel Support
  Module Control Panel Support/pt-br
  Module developer guides
  Module developer guides/pt-br
  Module Development Guide
  Module Development Guide/es
  Module Development Guide/pt-br
  Module Permissions
  Module Smarty
  Module Smarty/pt-br
  Module Theme Development
  Module Theme Development/pt-br
  Module Tutorial
  Module Tutorial/pt-br
  Moving Server
  Moving Trustpath
  Multilanguage Settings
  Multilanguage Settings/pt-br
  Multilogin Prohibition
  Multilogin Prohibition/pt-br

  new installation guide
  Not Completed
  Not Completed/pt-br

  Objects and Handlers
  Objects and Handlers/pt-br
  Organisation Teams
  Overriding Field Elements with setControl

  Password Encryption
  Password Encryption/pt-br
  Password Meter
  Predefinition:Persian rtl
  Preventing Image Leaching
  Preventing Image Leaching/pt-br
  Protector bad IP message

  Recent Changes
  Recommended Utilities
  Recommended Utilities/pt-br
  Release Cycle
  Release Cycle/es
  Release Cycle/pt-br
  Release notes 1.2
  Release Notes 1.2.1
  Release notes 1.2/nl
  Release Procedure
  Release Procedure/pt-br
  Remember Me
  Remember Me/de
  Remember Me/es
  Remember Me/fa
  Remember Me/nl
  Remember Me/pt-br
  Resizing an image directly in the template

  Search Options
  Search Options/pt-br
  Security and ImpressCMS
  Selecting Modules
  Selecting Modules/fa
  Selecting Modules/fr
  Selecting Modules/pt-br
  Signature Permission
  Signature Permission/pt-br
  Site Credits
  Site Credits/pt-br
  Sites Using Impresscms
  Start Developing for ImpressCMS
  Starting a Wiki page
  Style Guide
  Style Guide/es
  Style Guide/nl
  Style Guide/pt-br
  Submission general guidelines
  Submission general guidelines/es
  Submission general guidelines/pt-br
  Submitting Modules
  Submitting Modules/Extensions
  Submitting Modules/Extensions/es
  Submitting Modules/Extensions/fa
  Submitting Modules/Extensions/nl
  Submitting Modules/Extensions/pt-br
  Submitting Themes or Templates
  Submitting Themes/Tempates
  Submitting Themes/Tempates/de
  Submitting Themes/Tempates/es
  Submitting Themes/Tempates/nl
  Submitting Themes/Tempates/pt-br
  Super Globals
  Super Globals/es
  Super Globals/pt-br
  Support Sites
  SVN Merging: How to
  SVN Merging: How to/pt-br
  Switch database to PDO
  System module install and update
  System Module Structure
  System redirect
  System redirect/pt-br
  System Requirements
  System Requirements/de
  System Requirements/es
  System Requirements/fa
  System Requirements/fr
  System Requirements/nl
  System Requirements/pt-br
  System Requirements/sl
  System templates
  System templates/pt-br

  Team Meeting
  Template Overriding
  Template overriding/es
  Template Overriding/pt-br
  Theme files/fa
  Theme Structure
  Theme Structure/es
  Theme Structure/pt-br
  Third Party Libraries
  Translating with Transifex
  Translating Xigg module
  Translating Xigg module/pt-br
  Translation Basics
  Trust Path
  Trust Path in Installation
  Trust Path/es
  Trust Path/fa
  Trust Path/nl
  Trust Path/pt-br

  Updating modules for ImpressCMS 1.3
  Upgrade from ImpressCMS 1.1
  Upgrade from ImpressCMS 1.2
  Upgrade from Xoops or ImpressCMS 1.0
  Upgrading from XOOPS Multilanguage
  User Guides
  User Guides/es
  User Guides/pt-br
  User Info Settings
  User Info Settings/pt-br
  User Settings
  Using SVN
  Using SVN/fa
  Using SVN/nl
  Using SVN/pt-br

  Validate downloads links
  Version Checker
  Version Checker
  View Profile Permission
  View Profile Permission/pt-br

  Was ist ImpressCMS
  Welcome (Czech)
  Welcome (Slovenian)
  Welcome Index Page
  Welcome message
  Welcome message/es
  Welcome message/pt-br
  Welcome new user
  Welcome new user/es
  Welcome new user/pt-br
  What is a RoadMap
  What is a RoadMap/pt-br
  What is ImpressCMS
  What is ImpressCMS/es
  What is ImpressCMS/fa
  What is ImpressCMS/fr
  What is ImpressCMS/nl
  What is ImpressCMS/pl
  What is ImpressCMS/pt-br
  What is ImpressCMS/sl
  Why ImpressCMS instead of XOOPS
  Why ImpressCMS instead of XOOPS/es
  Why ImpressCMS instead of XOOPS/fa
  Why ImpressCMS instead of XOOPS/pt-br
  Wiki Rules
  Wish List
  Word Censoring
  Word Censoring/pt-br
  Working With Themes

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