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Install and update using SVN

If you are a little bit comfortable using SSH, and you do have SSH on your site, using the ImpressCMS SVN to install and update your site can be very handy. No more long and sometime incomplete FTP transfered ! Once you get use to it, using SVN with SSH is so much easier ! Here are a few pointers.

Install ImpressCMS for the first time

Let's say you want to install ImpressCMS 1.0 Beta 2. Here are the steps you need to do.

  • login via SSH at the root of the web account you would like to install it, for example /home/yoursite/
  • checkout the code of ImpressCMS 1.0 beta 1 which is located in /core/releases/impresscms_1.0_beta2
svn co
  • when it finishes downloaded, you will have an impresscms_1.0_beta2 folder in /home/yoursite/
  • you will then need to move the content of impresscms_1.0_beta2/htdocs/ inside your public_html
mv -rf impresscms_1.0_beta2/htdocs/* public_html/

That's it. In about 30 seconds, you have added all the necessary files for ImpressCMS to be installed. You can then browse to and follow the Installation Wizard

Update to a new version

When ImpressCMS 1.0 RC is released, then you will be able to easily upgrade your site to the latest code, using SSH and SVN. Here is how.

  • To do so, we will use the svn switch command. However, we will first need to restore some folders which have probably be deleted or emptied by your ImpressCMS install and usage. So first, we need to checkout again core/releases/impresscms_1.0_beta1). At the root of your web account, do the following:
svn co
cp -rf impresscms_1.0_beta2/htdocs/install public_html/
cp -rf impresscms_1.0_beta2/htdocs/cache public_html/
cp -rf impresscms_1.0_beta2/htdocs/templates_c public_html/
  • Then we can move inside public_html:
cd public_html
  • We can now use the switch command to switch from core/releases/impresscms_1.0_beta2 to core/releases/impresscms_1.0_rc:
svn switch

You have now upgraded your install to the latest ImpressCMS code! Category: Welcome Index Page Category: Development <[Languages ]>

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