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All tickets are created on Assembla, and they can be viewed in the Tickets Cardwall. Tickets can be added by developers as they see fit, also they can be submitted based on feedback from customers.

Creating a Ticket

In the Assembla Cardwall view select "+ New Ticket" then enter in the various fields. Make sure to set the Priority, Milestone, and Detected Version correctly. Fill in as much details about the problem (if it's a problem), and exactly how to reproduce the bug (if it's a bug) to make it easier to reproduce and ultimately for the developer to fix the problem.

Ticket Status

New - Nobody is working on this.
Information requested - Extra info is needed before deciding ticket fate.
Accepted - Problem/idea has been verified that is described in the ticket.
In progress - Somebody is working on this.
Test - Being tested by someone.
Invalid - Can't produce described problem,  think that there is no way to fix the problem, or something similar.
Closed - Ticket was solved and merged into repository.

Priority Level Mapping

Blocker -> High (1)
Critical -> High (2)
Major -> Normal (3)
Minor -> Low (4)
Trivial -> Lowest (5)


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