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Tags: Upgrade from Xoops or ImpressCMS 1.0  

Upgrade from Xoops or ImpressCMS 1.0

  • Download an upgrade package (tar.gz or zip formats are available) from
  • Extract the package to your local computer
  • Login to your site
  • If you are using a custom set of templates, please change back to the default template set
  • Upload the contents of the htdocs/ folder to your webserver, overwriting your existing files
  • Clear the contents of your cache/ and templates_c/ folders
  • Access /upgrade/ with your browser
    • Follow the upgrade instructions
  • Flush your browsers cache
    • on Windows IE & Firefox you can do this by pressing CTRL+F5.
    • MAC & Safari users can press CTRL+R,
    • Linux Users can also press CTRL+R or CTRL+F5 when using Firefox
  • Delete the upgrade/ folder from your server
  • If you are upgrading from XOOPS or ImpressCMS 1.0, you can also delete the following files/folders -
    • htdocs/class/smarty
    • htdocs/class/phpmailer
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/dhtmltext
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/dhtmltextarea
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/textarea
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/readme.txt
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/
    • htdocs/class/xoopseditor/xoops_version.php
    • htdocs/include/calendar-blue.css
    • htdocs/include/calendar.js
    • htdocs/modules/system/blocksadmin/blockspadmin.php
    • htdocs/modules/system/blocksadmin/pblockform.php
    • htdocs/themes/impresstheme_light/css
    • htdocs/themes/impresstheme_light/xotpl
  • Content migrated from the previous core content manager to the Content module must have their short urls checked and any Symlinks for those pages must also be checked for validity
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